Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Too busy for someone who is unemployed

This is my first official week of being unemployed and I am way to busy to be doing all of the fabulous things I am supposed to be enjoying like going to yoga, lunching with friends, tanning, and going shopping. I have had so much homework and studying to do for my GMAT class, I don't know how people with full time jobs are able to get all the of required homework and studying done. 
The work has been very frustrating and tiresome.  I have to walk away after awhile, particularly when doing the verbal portion.  I am starting to feel the math coming back but have been so amazed at how much I have needed to re-learn.  It's like using a language.  We spend at least four years of our lives learning a language between middle school and university and for many people, if they don't use it, they lose it.  I don't think I have seen a fraction or exponents in the last 10 years as there isn't much math in advertising. I am really hoping that as I continue to practice, I will start getting more answers correct. I have already finished my verbal homework for the week but I still need to do the math, the online tutorials for verbal and math, and then take another practice test.  That alone is probably at least 9 hours worth of homework and I have already spent 4 on the other verbal homework. 
Other than GMAT preparation, I have been actively moving things along on the job front.  I am in the final round of interviews for one company and am at about the mid-way point for another.  I have an in person interview this afternoon with 1-2 people and have a really big in person presentation with another company tomorrow.  I spent about 8 hours yesterday working on the presentation for tomorrow. I have to essentially look at a local advertiser, evaluate their current social strategy, and then build a business plan using the solutions I would be selling to better their business.  It was a fun task and I love solution-based selling.  The challenge was that I have not had to build a power point completely from scratch since college.  Typically, there are company charts, infographs, and marketing slides that I can modify to my need but I had absolutely nothing and had to build from the ground up. I spent a lot of time yesterday on Google Images trying to ad some color to my presentation. 
I received my first job offer last night for the ad agency. I have been very excited about the role, the company, and the people I would be working with but the offer was as I suspected, far too low.  I knew that I would likely take a pay decrease since I am used to making a fair base salary and a large amount of commission.  This new role would be almost completely salary base with a small bonus.  The base salary itself is far lower than what I have been making and I just don't think I can afford to live off it.  The media director made it sound like I might be able to counter, but they couldn't offer me much more than that. 
Drew and I now have a gorgeous apartment that costs quite a decent amount in rent and I have my condo back home that looks like although I may be finally getting a tenant, I am going to have to pay over $400 a month between what I will be able to rent it at and what the mortgage is costing.  Most importantly, Drew and I moved here to be able to travel and I want to be able to ensure that I can afford to travel to all of the wonderful places we planned visiting while we live here. 
One of the companies I am interviewing with this week also offers the perk of educational assistance.  If I start my MBA program while I am here, it would be amazing if the company will help fund it.  That is something else which is drawing me away from the offer I received yesterday.
Anyways... praying that what is meant to be will happen and something good will happen this week.

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