Thursday, April 19, 2012

End of Sydney and back to house hunting

The last night in Sydney we took a dinner cruise around the harbor.  It was the perfect, touristy thing to round out our time in the city. We almost missed the boat because we were running late but ended up making it on time.  The dinner cruise was kind of pricey but I paid $25 extra per person for us to have open bar which we easily got our money's worth.  We were greeted with glasses of champagne.  Went through probably two bottles of wine at dinner and Drew had two large glasses of whiskey.  There was a live band which played a compilation of music from jazz, oldies, to pop and no one was dancing though they were begging for people to help them out when the singer announced we were celebrating the fact we recently got engaged.  Other couples were announced as celebrating a birthday or a reunion or something but because we were on the dance floor and Drew was twirling me around, we had people stand up applaud us and start taking our pictures.  It was  SO embarrassing.  We laughed for the next 5 minutes while the singer dedicated some classic love song to us and we slow dances as people continued to take our picture and we tried not to look at the cameras.  It was a very fun night, the food was pretty good, and we were back in our hotel well rested for the very long flight back to Singapore.
Drew's flight was early in the morning so I ended up being alone most of the day Sunday which was Easter.  I felt a little homesick I wasn't with my family or around people but managed to make do.  It was also the first Easter I have never received an Easter basket which I realize to many people is crazy that as an adult my mom still gives all her kids Easter baskets but it has become a tradition regardless.  The only perk is that I did not have to try to resist the temptation of downing the chocolate in the basket and therefore was able to save myself at least a thousand calories.
The long flight back was uneventful but getting home to see Chewie was glorious.  I have not been apart from her that long in many many months so she was beyond excited to see me.  The week back from Sydney was very full of job hunting, interviews, and house hunting.  I have a couple of very interesting opportunities that I am exploring and while I have loved being able to work part time, I am excited to get back into productive mode.  The most exciting highlight of the week I am happy to share is that we finally found our apartment.  Tuesday was a long day and I viewed about 10 apartments but we definitely found our home.
I have been explaining to people that many of the beautiful new places we have been looking at are like a mercedes and the older apartment I thought we were going to get stuck with would be settling for a prius.  It's still a good car, reliable, does it's job and is more economical in many ways.  The apartment we chose, I can't believe to say, is a Ferrari.  The listing agent knew our agent and told us that this place normally rents for $2-$3k per month more than what we were able to get it for.  It is at very top of our budget but the location is perfect, it is absolutely gorgeous, and the rooms are large enough for all of our furniture.  It has a private elevator, maid's quarters, a service elevator, and a rooftop pool.   Drew and I actually feel guilty that we are going to be living in such an incredible apartment.  That said, we get the keys tomorrow and have our stuff moved on Saturday including the sea shipment.  I am SO excited to be finally moving into our own place, getting to sleep in my bed, and being able to unpack everything.  Its' been a great week.
It sounds like I may be getting an offer on a job that I am very excited about.  It is definitely going to be a pay cut since our industry doesn't pay as much here but I am very excited about being part of something big and helping to change and shift the industry in SEA.  The next week is going to be a big week.

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